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From Long Beach California, studied in Mexico City at UNAM, Managua Nicaragua Universidad Nacional, La Complutense de Madrid Spain and a Masters Degree from the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas Tenerife Spain, Bilingual Licensed Real Estate Agent in Mexico.
Tenerife, Canary Islands - Spain
I was recruited and employed by Resort Properties in Playas de las Americas Tenerife. I lived in Spain for 20 years before moving to Baja California.

I returned to California in 2002 just to be lured to Baja California. Although Mexico is not perfect, it is perfect for me. I see Mexico as I did Spain back in the 70s...a fast growing

Spain back when I first arrived. In the past five years, I have seen many positive changes. I will take my experience from living in Spain to make the right decisions in Baja moving forward. Rosarito is just 25 minutes away from the US Border and just 3 hour drive from almost 30 millions potential visitors. Purchasing a home is a good thing, buying rental properties here is even better! Take advantage of the still low prices before it is too late.
Los Cabos, Baja California South
I also live and worked 18 months in Cabo San Lucas. Now if you are looking for that Warm Water Sandy Beaches...for the most part, Dry and Breezy, Fantastic Boating and Snorkeling, World Class Restaurants, well you have reached your Destination! With direct flights from many US Cities, from LAX it is just a 120 minute flight. If you are looking for this type of investment property, I can arrange an inspection flight along with an itinaria to help you find exactly what you are looking for. My team in Los Cabos are experts on the Real Estate Market and know how to represent you with your best interest in mind.
EXP Mexico has just begun to set itself up as the premier Real Estate Company in Mexico. Now working in over 20 nations, this company has positioned itself to make Real Estate in Mexico better organized and Standard.
Baja123 has been around for 15 years and has the most visited English Language Website in all of Latin America. Anyone who needs information about the Baja California, specifically Playas de Rosarito, understands that this Website has all the information you would ever need to know.
Baja Resort Properties is how I am marketing myself independently but concurrently working as one. I enjoy producing my own marketing materials for both those looking to buy and who are looking to sell. I provide up to date videos and drone footage of properties and neighborhoods of interest. I find it easy to convey my thoughts through my videos. So if you need me to provide you with specific video footage, I would be happy to do so. Just give me a call and I will do the rest.
My Promise to you
I promise to be available by phone or by text 7 days a week. I do have a schedule that I ask to follow, but if you ever feel the need to contact me, you will have my direct lines of communication always. I also promise not to tell you something that I am not 100% sure of being true. If I do not know, I will find out. That is where teamwork really comes into play. The professionals at Baja123 and EXP Mexico have the answers.
Real Estate is a serious business but I will make sure that you enjoy yourself on this journey. So not only will you be treated professionally but we will probably establish lifelong friendships. So let’s get started today.

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